Have you got used to the various odors in the car?
Do you dare to have your wife and kids suffered from the odors?



Challenge for Complete Odor-free
Fresh Fragrance filled with Car in 5 Seconds
Effective capture of odor molecules and restoring lasting fragrance to your car

Professional decomposition of odors, never the conventional cover-up The plant deodorizing factors in the scent can identify and decompose odor molecules

Small and exquisite, it suits anywhere in the car without blocking your sight and occupying space

Nano-solid concentration technology, 10-fold effect
The breakthrough nano-solid concentration technology offers a volatilization rate 10 times lower than that of liquid scent, Stable and long-lasting fragrance, freshen your car all year round

Natural perfume with 0 alcohol, safe for both pregnant women and babies Elaborately prepared plant formula, 0 alcohol and essence, healthy fragrance suitable for both pregnant women and babies

Brand Name: BASEUS
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Type: Car Mount Fragrance Holder
Color: Grey
Size: 7.63 * 7.63 * 2.11cm
Weight: ~43g
Gift Spices: Gulong * 2 + Lemon * 1 + Marine Flavor * 1


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