Our Sunshine Series range of lighting includes a range of useful and practical light solutions for your home, featuring simple installation, long battery life and a multitude of applications.

This entrance light is fixed to any wall using the magnetic 3M adhesive backing. Choose your location, apply the magnetic patch to the wall and then simply attach the light. When in PIR mode, the light will only turn on in a dark environment and when it detects the presence of a human body. This allows the life of the battery to last up to 150 days before a recharge is required.  The light features a manual switch so you can still turn it on if you require – disabling PIR mode.

Application ideas

  • By the front door: imagine getting home from work on a dark evening and you open your door to be instantly greeted with a low level light. Or, if you arrive home from a night out and don’t wish to turn on the lights to disturb others in your home.
  • Bathroom: A common solution to night time toilet visits is to use the light from your mobile phone so as to not disturb others in your home. By placing this light on your bathroom wall, you now need not worry – the moment your body is detected it switches on, emitting a beautiful low level non-invasive light.
  • Bedroom: not ready to sleep but you don’t want to disturb your sleeping partner? Using the switch you can just turn the light on
  • Kitchen: Late night trips to the kitchen for a glass of water need not required switching on your main lighting and hurting your eyes (and waking you up!). Attach the light to your kitchen wall for a perfect solution.

Available in White Light.


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