The Baseus T Typed S-09A Bluetooth MP3 Car Charger Black features an all-in-one design including FM Radio Transmitter with dual USB charger, memory card reader and USB drive support.

  • Easily add Bluetooth connectivity to your car system for calls, audio streaming and more.
  • Don’t have auxiliary input (i.e. a headphone jack port)
    • this in-car adapter solves the problem.
    • all you need is a cigarette lighter socket.



  • Unique 4-in-1 multi-functional design.
    • FM radio transmitter.
    • 3.4A Dual USB fast charger.
    • Micro SD memory card reader.
    • External USB drive plug and play.
  • Wirelessly transmit music and calls using Bluetooth.
  • Automatic switch between audio play and receiving calls.
  • Easily adjust to a FM radio channel of your choice.
  • Built-in microphone and voice prompt for hands-free calling and answering.
  • Power output voltage display.
  • Universal support for car cigarette lighter sockets.
  • Super clear LED screen (see Watch Video section).
  • Built-in controls for volume adjustment, audio streaming and calls.


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